Ann-Marie Lequesne

How do you do?
I devise and document unrehearsed performances
working with groups of people in public places. My
invitation to participate is completely open. The work
is always collaborative. I ask participants to perform
simple actions but the ideas are not based in the
theatrical tradition. Rather I am interested in
performative rituals, everyday actions, that we all
recognise, performed out of context. Repetition,
both of actions and of performances, is important.
The performances themselves may take on a lineage

“Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.”
– John Cage

“The artist’s all about realityffiction and the way
history is passed down. She’s also about
community, and her re-enactments are open call
stagings where she considers the participants her
collaborators… That soirit of art woven together
with ordinary life pushes LeQuesne’s projects into
a zone where art can live and be part of the
discussion again with everybody at table. And
that’s just great.” – Roberta Fallon