Support Us

We really need your help right now, as you may know we are soon to be kicked out of the Library Studios where we have worked for 20 years due to repairs that need to be done to the Library infrastructure. This process is expected to take many years and if we don’t find another alternative work space in the area then we will have to move out of the borough to find an affordable space. If you sympathise with our plight and would like to help then please write to your local councillor asking them to help us with a matter of urgency via this link: just enter your post-code and the letter will be sent automatically to your councillors.

Here are the main points to include in your letter:

• 9 artists are being evicted from the Library studios in the Library in November with nowhere to go.

• They have identified a council building which has been empty for 30 years and would make ideal studios called “The Civil Defence Building” in Stoke Newington. They have offered to refurbish it and pay the same rate in rent but haven’t had any response from the Properties Department in Hackney Council which would net them over £30,000/year, effectively for doing nothing. Let them use it and keep them in the area.

• If the artists can’t find anywhere local before November then they would all have to move out of the area and the community relationships built up over 20years would be lost and their art practises may come to an end.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our situation further then please email either; Andy, Jonathan, Sal, Ali or Richard: (,,,,