Ufuk Uyanik

Ufuk Uyanik working with various media, including painting, mixed- media technique.  He unites Art and Humour and fosters discourse between mediums, artistic styles and expressions, temporalities, and cultures.  He also borrows images from masters and masterpieces contexts and set universal standards of individuality and collective visual memory. Uyanik’s canvases allude to elements of popular culture, traditional life, popular and modern painting, lyricism, humour and irony, which all combine in dynamic harmony. By combining self-elected images from varying periods and cultural connections, with a dissimilar original dialect, he achieves extraordinary artistic richness with an innovative and humorous contemporary impact.



 I have been living in Stoke Newington for 25 years. 

 I organized many exhibitions at cafes and restaurants in Stoke Newington. I created a chance for local artists to find their self-steam and many of them exhibited for the first time. The link below shows some of the exhibitions that I organized.


In 2015, I created an art campaign to help refugee children affected by war. I have exhibited the manipulated photographs in cafes, venues, schools, universities, art shows etc…to raise awareness and funds for refugee children. The first ever exhibition took place in a small café in Stoke Newington. You cand find the details at the below link



Born in Turkey and studied Graphic Design at a university in Istanbul. While studying I started working for a weekly satirical comic magazine called GIRGIR which had a massive weekly circulation of half a million copies in 80s, 90s.

 Moved to Britain in 1988. While suffering with immigrant symptoms I had an encounter with an agent in Belgium who started selling my cartoons to some magazines. Since then, I have worked with different agencies in New York etc… and my work was published worldwide.

 In 2011, I launched a humorous website which was visited by more than 120 countries.

In 2012, I decided to quit cartooning and had a farewell exhibition in the Stoke Newington Library Gallery where more than 400 people attended the opening. After the exhibition by taking a big risk  I started creating fine arts.

My first major exhibition was in Miart Gallery in Mayfair, London, between 3-17 May 2022 and visited by around 1000 people.